Deb Corbett

Artist, President of the Life Engineering Foundation

I was born in Indiana as Deborah Corbett with no middle name and not even an initial. My identity has always been as an artist, as the one quantifiable trait that others could easily recognize. Every since I can remember I have seen the world as visual forms and synthesized pictures in my head of how I would shape things if and when I could. It's a world to which I usually have easy access, so upon graduation from high school I was fortunate enough to be able to have earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Herron School of Art of Indiana University.

Experiencing certain conditions of my family dynamic and the general world condition as intolerable, I had begun an unacknowledged spiritual quest for answers at a very young age. This passive mental practice became totally active and an all-encompassing conscious journey when I met and joined up with Jack Ench during the last year of college. He was an experienced, solidly grounded progressive teacher of advanced consciousness development. Jack had just begun breaking ground on a research project isolated within a beautiful forested acreage.

Nature has always been my refuge and sustaining source for solace and for art themes. All life's challenges and answers seemed to coalesce at Jack's project location for one giant expansion of everything I was looking to find or find out. Together we worked with hundreds of students experimenting, learning and evolving into the many states and dimensions of understanding consciousness. I thrived on experiencing states of expanded existence, articulating the realizations and upon putting meat to the madness by creating diagrams and visualizations of how life works in and above the brain area.

I don't usually paint gimmick art, although I can. I don't usually paint trendy-color coordinated no-brainer art, although I can do that too. Many people have classified me as serious. They have also advised that I take everything too deeply and too personally. My truth is that I am genuinely happy being an active investigator of life as each subject presents itself. And when nothing is presenting, I go looking till it does! Subject matter is infinite, to live from and to paint about as my spiritual exercise of existence. I would say I am not so much serious as I am sincere. I truly, madly, deeply feel that my paintings are for everyone or they are for no one; it should be however the spirit moves you from within. A person does not need an art instructor to tell them if they should like a particular piece of art any more than one needs a church or guru to tell them that they are more than blood and bone.

Today I am still "traveling on the path" and flourishing as a working artist maintaining a home base and studio in the Midwest. I expanded my love of the visual arts by adding photography along the way as a natural art tool and by engaging in the 'art' of being online. While putting the pieces together to open this website store, one of the tech support people summed up my existence very well without even trying. He said, "Deb, there's always more!" Sincerely or seriously, I know there is always more. So please check in from time to time and take a look. You'll have my thanks and best wishes for doing so.

Deb Corbett